Robert Shindell – Setting the Standard of Excellence

Setting the Standard of Excellence: Each and every day, we make choices. Many of these choices seem relatively mundane at the time.  For example, consider the following decision that happens just about every day in the lives of millions of people.  – “Do I want to eat a salad or a cheeseburger for lunch”.

Robert Shindell – Praise is high-octane fuel for your team!

Praise is high-octane fuel for your team! You team works hard each and every day to meet their goals and objectives set forth for them.  At times, you team operates like a well-oiled machine, firing on all cylinders and never missing a beat.  Each and every presentation and meeting feels better than the one

Robert Shindell – Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Teamwork makes the dream work! Henry Ford, founder of The Ford Motor Company is largely regarded as one of the most innovative individuals our country has ever produced.  His implementation of the assembly line for car manufacturing, not only created wealth and prosperity for his company, it also did something else – it democratized

Robert Shindell – Challenge Yourself

Challenge Yourself: It’s pretty easy to get comfortable, isn’t it?  Be it at work, or in our personal lives, we as human beings generally choose to take the path of least resistance.  Why wouldn’t we, right? We have the ability to create scenarios, situations and processes in our life that make our day “easier”.