Robert Shindell on InternCLE Episode 047 – Intern Bridge

Dr Robert Shindell is a Northeast Ohio native, from Madison, Ohio.  Robert went to the University of Toledo and at the time he did not see his career possibilities in Northeast Ohio.  While Robert did relocate, his passion for the region has not waned.  He returns to teach Cleveland area companies how to create internship programs.  He literally wrote the book on creating an internship program – Total Internship Management.

Intern Bridge is a research and consulting firm, focused on experiential learning from the perspective of the employer.  Intern Bridge uses research-based guidelines to advise employers on the creation of a successful internship program.

Intern Bridge conducts a national internship and co-op study on college campuses since 2008.  About 5 years ago they created a similar study asking questions of their employer partners.  They use these results to focus in on what truly matters to students and employers.  They have identified 7 key variables for an employer to focus in on creating a successful program.  The first to keys are:

·         The organization is ready, and the team is committed

·         Create an intern work plan, like a syllabus for a course but more than that

The Total Internship Management Workshop guides employers through the 7 key areas.  The courses were taught in Northeast Ohio through NOCHE in the past.  This fall Intern Bridge and Robert will return to the area to bring back this important workshop to the region.  Make sure to subscribe to our newsletter to get an update on how to register for this event.

Intern Bridge consults with small, medium, and large companies.  65% of the interns surveyed worked for companies with less than 500 employees.  Small to mid-sized business really do drive the economy.

The internship experience consists of three main categories

  1. Culture
  2. Professional Development
  3. Work

It is key to ensure that interns experience a normalized experience as it relates to culture and professional development.  The work may be different, but when the other 2/3 of the experience is similar and more equitable – satisfaction goes up.

Gratitude –
Thank you to Angela Finding of the Greater Cleveland Partnership and Courtney DeOero of the RITE board.

Professor Shindell ensures that your not only learning the material in the course but that you also have understanding of the material & are confident in the skills learned. Professor Shindell is passionate about all students success in school & the workforce. Professor Shindells courses opens your mind to the reality of business! AwesomeProfessor


Provides clear instructions and expects you to follow the rubric. Gives solid feedback on assignments which leads to improvements. Assignments given increase your knowledge of the subject matter. Professor Shindell is organized and thoughtful with feedback. I would definitely take another course with this professor.


MBA540R5143 was my first MBA level class and Professor Shindell went out of his way to make sure I had everything I needed to succeed. The professor and I were in constant communication through email and he was willing to video chat whenever was easiest. Professor Shindell has high expectations for class while going out of his way to show he cares


Robert Shindell is a very passionate instructor. He cares about his students and the material he is teaching. He is accessible outside of class and quote helpful. I enjoyed the class and I would take anything he is teaching.


Dr. Robert is incredible! He actually takes the time to respond to our video submissions with his own video and has really great feedback. He also is very easy to talk to and is great at guiding your ideas into a targeted approach for assignments and the final project. I really enjoyed having him as a professor and wish others were more like him!



  • Strategic/Mission Planning

  • Leadership Development

  • Marketing & Advertising

  • Employer Recruitment

  • Business Development

  • Seminar Facilitation

  • Client Relationship Management

  • Project/Program Management

  • Corporate Culture Change

  • Management Training/Development

  • Public Speaking

  • Instructional Design

  • Recruitment & Retention